Professional & reliable Team

Production cannot and will not happen without reliability. It takes a hard-charging reliability professional to move this needle. This is what we specialize in

Confidence and Integrity

we keep ours promises. we give promises carefully, even reluctantly, but once we have given that promise, we follow through on that promise without fail.

Highest quality of products

We offer the highest quality products at the best price. We import all kinds of machines according to the customer’s request.

Presenting new projects and ideas

We provide new projects to our clients and a lot of ideas that keep the mind open and offer ideas for small business

shipping services

We offer a great price of shipping,and delivering the shipment to the warehouse on time ..

Professional customs clearance

We specialize in all types of customs clearance from all countries and offer the best price for clearances with confidence and safety

Our Products

Paper cup manufacturing machine

Ruian protection coated paper cup making machine is an equipment can produce for single side PE PAPER cups and double PE PAPER with ultrasonic ..this machine has up to a better quality and beautiful appearance with ultrasonic welding.

Medical Face Mask Machines

The stages of the mask production including raw materials feeding,forming mask bodies,welding earloops ,earloops folding are all be handled automatically on this model of face mask machine

 paper cup row material in Roll

Protection import a high quality of paper products,specialized in importing PE coated paper..

Our Partner

We provide a high quality of Costumer services

Protection Company Profile Presentaion

We offer the best products, including the best machines on the market. This is done in cooperation with the best manufacturers in China and Turkey, as well as all countries of the world, and the most important thing for us is the quality.

We also provide the best training in the field with the help of our team of engineers in order to help you operate the machine in the best way. We also market your factory and final products on our website in order to help you sell your final products

Customs clearance by specialists in all fields and provision of installation, maintenance, training services

At Protection Company, we also provide raw materials for all the factories that you need because all our goal is to run the Egyptian market and run the largest number of factories so we provide all needs.